The Importance and Impact of Flagship Store

The Department Store Focus is a new platform for department stores companies and leading manufacturers and suppliers from all over the world. It provides CEOs and senior executives with the opportunity of meeting in a truly global and stimulating environment where they are able to gain new insights and information.

The cooperation and relationship between department stores and suppliers are critical for mutual success to be achieved. One of the key driver behind a fruitful and lasting cooperation is the ability to understand both the philosophy and ideas of one another. For both partners, the flagship store plays a pivotal role in the company’s strategy.

Hosted at GUM Department Store’s fabulous Destination Hall, attendees’ benefits are:

  • Hear directly from CEOs about innovative strategies and new developments that have been implemented at their flagship stores and in turn proven critical to their success
  • Meet with some of the top executives of the largest department stores and leading supplier brands from around the world
  • Enjoy the Official Dinner and its first Department Store Supplier Awards